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Presidential Observation

“Nigerians have for too long been feeling shortchanged by the quality of public service. Our public officers have for too long been showcases for the combined evils of inefficiency and corruption.” – former President Olusegun Obasanjo, June 2003

SERVICOM Initiative

Established on March 21, 2004 as a Presidential Initiative pledging to rendering quick and satisfactory service in all government Agencies to all Nigerians. Premised on the imperative to give orientation to Nigerians to demand impeccable service as their rights. Aimed at inculcating in all Nigerians that those denying service in one window will meet the same treatment in another window and to instill the ‘golden rule’ in all Nigerians especially, where giving service is concerned.

SERVICOM: What is it?

SERVICOM is an acronym for SERVICE COMPACT WITH ALL NIGERIANS. It is a social contract between the Federal Government of Nigeria and its People.
June, 2003, former President Olusegun Obasanjo declared that Nigerians have for too long been feeling shortchanged by the quality of Public Service being rendered to its citizens. He was of the view that the Public Service has become a haven for inefficiency and corruption but that Nigerians deserve to be served better.
As a follow up to this declaration, a report was commissioned in December 2003 to:

  • Review Service Delivery in Nigeria
  • Examine the institutional environment for Service Delivery
  • Reflect on peoples’ lives and expression and
  • Draw a roadmap for a Service Delivery Programme.

Consequently, in March 2004, the Federal Government entered into Service compact with all Nigerians to provide basic services to which citizens are entitled to timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent service.


The SERVICOM Unit in a Ministry, Department or Agency (MDA) is to be headed by a Deputy Director, who is to serve as the Nodal officer and the Head of the Unit. The Nodal officer reports directly to the Minister through the Permanent Secretary without any Departmental mediation in the Ministry. In the case of the Extra-Ministerial Department or Parastatal, the Nodal Officer is to report directly to the Chief Executive.

SERVICOM is predicated on the following principles:
The conviction that Nigeria can only realize it’s full potential if citizens receive prompt and efficient services from the state.

  1. Affirmation of commitment to the service of the Nigeria nation.
  2. Consideration for the needs and rights of all Nigerian to enjoy social and economic advancement.
  3. Dedication to delivering services to which citizens are entitled, timely, fairly, honestly, effectively and transparently.


Apart from the above principles, there is the SERVICOM Charters. These are the operational day-to-day implementation of SERVICOM. A good SERVICOM Charter is expected to break the twin evil of corruption and inefficiency in the service.

SERVICOM is the engine for service delivery programme. This is marked on the compelling need to change the system of service delivery by Government determined commitment to deliver service on the one hand and the citizen’s expectation’s of Service Delivery, on the other hand.


SERVICOM Unit is presently in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government (MDAs) throughout the Federation. In pursuance for prompt service delivery, NIMASA established its SERVICOM Unit in 2004.

Servicom Services