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Seafarers Medical Examination

The Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Regulations 2010 as amended, make it a legal requirement for any seafarer (as defined in the Regulations), to hold a valid certificate attesting to their medical fitness for the work for which they are employed.

NIMASA accepts valid Medical Certificate issued to seafarers by accredited medical providers List of NIMASA accredited Medical Providers

Categories of Medical Certificates

Three categories of Medical Certificate may be issued to seafarers by approved medical practitioners:

  1. Able to perform all duties worldwide within designated department (unlimited).
  2. Able to perform some but not all routine and emergency duties or to work in limited area (e.g. within 30 miles from a port) (Limited duration or Limited job scope).
  3. Incompatible with the reliable performance of routine and emergency duties safely or effectively (Temporary or Permanent – unfit for sea service).

Seafarers who has been refused a medical certificate or has a limitation imposed in his certificate, could appeal to the Director, Maritime Safety and Seafarers Standard Department (MSSSD), Nigeria Maritime Resource Development Centre (NMRDC), Kirikiri, Apapa, Lagos. Nigeria. Email: 

It is responsibility of Ship managers and masters to ensure that seafarers are only deployed to perform duties for which they are medically fit. For example, only seafarers who are fit for the deck department – (i.e. comply with requirements for eye-sight, colour vision and hearing) should be permitted to do bridge watch keeping or lookout duties.

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