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Procurement Process In Compliance With BPP Guidelines

1. Need Assessment From User Department:
a) Confirmation of budget availability from Finance Department.
b) Approval of need by DG/CEO.
c) Need Assessment forwarded to Procurement Department for Processing.
2. Preparation of bid document.
3. Advertisement.
4. Collection of bid document and submission by Companies.
5. Opening of technical bids/pre-qualifications.
6. Evaluation of technical bids/pre-qualifications.
7. Opening of financial bids of pre-qualified Companies.
8. Evaluation of financial bids.
9. Submission of financial evaluation report for approval of award; project award can be approved by DG/PTB/MTB/FEC depending on the threshold.  
10. Award of Project.
11. Signing of formal contract agreement.
12. Execution of Project.
13. Payment request by the contractor.
14. Monitoring/confirmation of execution.
15. Dispute resolution (if any).
16. Payment processing.