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List of Requirements and Procedure for Registration as a Shipping Company or Shipping Agent

  1. Collect Debit note from the desk officer in charge of Debit Note for N110,000.00 (N10,000 is for the form B1, while N100,000.00 is for the registration fee)
  2. Visit http://www.remita.net to generate your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number
  3. Using your RRR number, pay at the bank or through your e-banking application and print out the Remita receipt.
  4. With both your receipt receipt and debit note, visit the Agency’s Financial Services Department on the 4th Obtain your NIMASA receipt.
  5. With your receipt, pick up your form B1 from the Legal Services Department on 7th Carefully fill the form and ensure to sign, seal or stamp and date the form.
  6. Write an application letter addressed as follows:

The Director General/CEO

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency

4 Burma Road

Apapa, Lagos.

Attention: Director, Legal Services & Board Secretary

State the category you wish to apply for clearly. This will either be for Shipping Company or Agent. Thereafter, attach the following documents:

  • Receipt of payment
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association with 25Million Naira Share Capital (The main object clause should be Shipping related-this is very important)
  • Certificate of Increase in Share Capital, this is relevant if you your Company had increased its share capital post incorporation
  • displaying allotment of shares (this could be in CAC form or otherwise
  • Document displaying allotment of shares post incorporation (this could be in CAC for 2A or otherwise)
  • Document displaying Particulars of Directors (this could be in form CAC 7 or CAC 7A if there had been any changes post incorporation
  • Evidence that Company has filed for Annual Returns (this could be in form CAC 10, or a letter acknowledging filing of Annual Returns from Corporate Affairs Commission)
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Original Bank Reference
  • Audited Account or Financial Statement of Account ( you will need financial statement if your Company is less than 18months old and Audited if your Company is over 18months old)
  • A physical audit of your Company will be carried out
  1. Submit your application along with the attachments to the DG’s office and keep your stamped and received copy

*** Kindly ensure that all documents are attached on submission as partial fulfillment of requirement will cause delays in processing your application.